Walsh Bay Sculpture Walk

The Historic Piers and Shore Buildings at Walsh Bay were saved from demolition in 1985 by the then Premier and Minister for the Arts, Neville Wran. He reserved Pier 4/5 for the arts in general and The Sydney Theatre Company in particular. Over the following 20 years, Piers 4/5 and 2/3, together with the Shore Sheds between them, have become the home for several arts organisations as well as hosting The Biennale of Sydney and The Sydney Writers’ Festival.

In 2004, Bob Carr, as Premier and Minister for the Arts, presided over the completion of the $650 million Walsh Bay Redevelopment Project, undertaken by Transfield and Mirvac. In the same year Transfield Holdings installed Brett Whiteley’s Black Totem II* in Windmill Street and the Walsh Bay Sculpture Walk came into being.

In 2008, the Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, unveils the Walsh Bay Sculpture Walk, funded by Transfield, with existing works from its collection and loans from artists and private patrons.

The Sculptures:

  1. Jimmie Durham, Still Life with Stone and Car, 2004.
  2. Richard Tipping, Artwork, 2004.
  3. Gordon Andrews, Three Sisters, 1970.
  4. Diego Latella, Red, Yellow and Blue, 1985.
  5. Michael Snape, The Change, 1987.
  6. Phil Price, Tri, 2004.
  7. Linda Bowden, Into the Trees II, 2010.
In 2013 this work was donated by its owner, Wendy Whitely, to Newcastle Art Gallery.
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