Thelma Clune

Susan Rothwell

Bronze, 42cm

Thelma Cecily Smith, AO, artist and sculptor, was born in 1900. She married the author Frank Clune in 1923.

In the 1940s, Frank and Thelma Clune opened an art gallery in King's Cross, New South Wales which was subsequently to house works by many of Australia's best known painters, including Sir Russell Drysdale, John Passmore and John Olsen.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Frank and Thelma and youngest son Terry, opened the Terry Clune Art Galleries on the corner of Challis Avenue and Macleay Street, and at 58 Macleay Street in King's Cross, New South Wales. The gallery became the home for Sydney's young expressionists, such as John Olsen, Stan Rapotec, Robert Klippel and Robert Hughes. The gallery later became the home of noted artist, Martin Sharp and was then known as Yellow House. Frank and Thelma Clune were great friends and supporters of artist William Dobell for many years.