Rod Dudley

The Gossips
Wood and Synthetic Fabrics
210 x 130cm (two figures) (Detail)

Rod Dudley was born in Melbourne in 1935 and between 1959 and 1961 trained as a sculptor at Caulfield Technical College and Melbourne University.

After teaching in schools he travelled to Italy in 1965 on an Italian Government Scholarship which enabled him to study at the Brera Academy, Milan, under Marino Marini. He has lived in Italy ever since then but has visited Australia a number of times in association with exhibitions of his work.

The Gossips is a typical Dudley sculpture from the mid 1970s. His sculpture from that time was described by Monika von Zitewitz as ‘cedar-wood ladies, with open mouths, slim fur and leather clad bodies, screaming their arrogance, severity and sensuality at the observer.’