Ginny Grayson

Stone Flame
Acrylic on Canvas, 125 x 122 cm

Ginny Grayson currently lectures in the Drawing Department at RMIT where she gained a Masters of Fine Art in 2004. Grayson has been working as a professional artist, exhibiting and collaborating with other artists for over 10 years. She has work in both public and private collections around Australia, America and New Zealand. To date her work has explored notions of identity, transience, memory and loss.

In 2008 she wrote: ‘Although I have worked with a variety of methods and mediums, from works on paper to video/performance, it is the activity of drawing itself that is the most compelling for me and is the central basis from which my practice unfolds.

Drawing has long been thought of as the process most suited to giving form to ideas and expressing the internal workings of the imagination and the body, due to its immediacy of touch. This tactile seismographic directness is what attracts me to it as a primary source of communication.’