George Milpurrur


Eucalyptus bark painted with natural pigments wixed with acrylic media
750 x 1440mm (Detail)

George (Milpurrurru) Malibirr (1934 - 1998) is recognised as having been one of the major bark painters of Arnhem Land. He was the first Australian artist to have a solo show during his own lifetime at the National Gallery of Australia, held in 1993. Also during 1993, the Year for the World's Indigenous Peoples, Australia Post issued a stamp of Milpurrurru's 1981 Goose Egg Hunt as part of its Dreamings series.

George Milpurrurru Malibirr was also a ceremonial leader of the Ganalbingu language speaking people, a skilled hunter, amarngitj or traditional healer, a ceremonial singer and dancer.